Protected tablet Torex PAD 1065

  • HR1065-2Sides-800
  • HR1065-3Sides-1001
  • HR1065-5Sides-800
  • HR1065-6Sides-800
  • HR1065-Back-800
  • HR1065-FB-1-800
  • HR1065-Front-1001
  • HR1065-Front-800
  • HR1065-Front2-1001
  • HR1065-SiM TYPEC-800
  • HR1065-Side-1-800
  • HR1065-Side-2-800
  • HR1065-white-blue-800

Bright novelty of January 2022. The new industrial 10,1-inch tablet Torex PAD1065.

Excellent combination of price and quality. The Torex PAD1065 has an excellent FULLHD screen, an 8-core processor, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, support for memory cards up to 1TB, actual android 10 and a 13MP camera. The built-in battery has a capacity of 8Ah.

Additionally, the tablet can be installed: NFC port, 2D scanner, fingerprint scanner (500 dpi), memory up to 6+128GB, built-in RJ45 port, 10Ah battery.

The Torex PAD1065 can be used as a data collection and analysis terminal at citizens' checkpoints, as well as at industrial enterprises.