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In autumn 2019 we’re presenting our biggest device from the line of rugged tablets – Torex PAD3. Torex PAD3 has a huge screen of 10.1 inches and powerful hardware stuffing. 10-core MTK6797, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM allow you to declare the superior performance of the tablet.

Powerful battery 14600мАч, gives the tablet more 26 hours work in navigation mode. After Torex PS12 with 8 inch screen, Torex PAD3 with 10 inch screen seems to be in the hands of a lot more. But nevertheless the weight of Torex PAD3 only 760 grams im compare with 960 grams of Torex PS12.

Torex PAD3 has additional 2 USB ports to connect various external devices (mouse, keyboard, flash drive, LAN adapter, external video camera), one RS232 (often use with industrial equipment), external port for quick charging (when the basic USB type-C port is busy). Torex PAD3 also has optional support for 2D scanners, long-range RFID, external navigation antennas.

There are 11 mechanical buttons on the tablet, which makes it convenient to control the tablet. Tablet’s operation temperature is guaranteed up to -20 degrees. The screen with FULL HD resolution 1920*1200 will allow you to study any small details on the screen.

Powerful processor and graphics chipset allow you to quickly process any data arrays. Loud front speaker allow to hear your Torex PAD3 in the far corner of the warehouse or ship.

In addition, it is possible to use external navigation antennas, which allows you to use the tablet without problems on any marine vessel (for example, with the app Navionics).

As a car navigator Torex PAD3 allows you to see the whole map, not just the section of road on which you are driving. Strong body & glass provide excellent protection Torex PAD3. This tablet will be your great helper in any vacation and in any work.

Torex PAD3 case has a degree of protection IP54, and withstand drops from a height of 1m.

Torex PAD3 will be a great helper in your work where you need a device with a large screen and rich functionality.


Created Date: 07-2019