Torex FS3

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In the autumn of 2019, we're presenting the most extreme smartphone we have ever created. The most extreme cause Torex FS3 has the fastest hardware among industrial smartphones, the most frost-resistant and the most protected from shock, drop, water, dust.


Torex FS3 can withstand operation at -40 degrees Celsius (-40 Fahrenheit). At this temperature it will work more than 9 hours and will not turn off, which is extremely important for the hard working conditions in the low Arctic temperatures.


Torex FS3 - the first industrial smartphone is equipped with actual hardware: powerful CPU MTK6757 8 cores, 2.3 GHz, 6Gb RAM, 128GB ROM, up to 512GB microSDXC memory card, two SIM cards slots.
Wi-Fi Dual band high speed, NFC, fingerprint scanner, power button answer call and hang up — very important in winter, android 8, FULL HD screen and 5.5 inch bright screen is quite everywhere, 16MP camera.


Optionally, the smartphone can be equipped with:
- walkie-talkie PTT, 2 watts 400-480MHz analog + DMR (requires replacement of back housing to a thicker (+3mm),
- high-resolution infrared camera,
- RFID scanner up to 15m range,
- optical 2D scanner.
Torex FS3 has a connector for magnetic charging.
The degree of explosive safety is PO Ex ia I X/ 0Ex ia IIC T4 X.


Operating temperature range from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius. Dust-water-shock protection at maximum level IP-68 and MIL-810G. Drop proof up to 2m.


Battery 5100mah fully certified and zone0 to zone1 and gives unprecedented stable results at -40 degrees.


The powerful casing is suitable for use in mines and other explosion-proof industries.


Torex FS3 is a great powerful smartphone for industrial use in the harshest environments.


We do not see any competitors to this device at the moment.


Created Date: 11-2019