As a company, Torex was established in 2008 and our first order was made by a renowned Norwegian oil company.
Our task was to develop an emergency radio phone so that any worker of an oil platform and transport tankers had an opportunity to call or inform of any potential problems in harsh environmental conditions on the radio phone. The first phones were of a push-button type and performed minimum of tasks and had minimum of opportunities.

From 2013 we started the production of high-tech and modern equipment not only for industrial use but also for a common everyman. Our first model had the name Torex M2 and it proved itself excellently and provoked huge interest. We tried to put together all technology and tools in one phone body so that a user had one device for solving a dozen of different tasks. That is why our slogan is 'Torex - your digital multitool!'

We do not stop and keep designing more and more new rugged gadgets but we always look back at our history and make only quality products that are trusted by professionals.